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I'm working on a big, old, project that is using autotools. I would like to switch one part of the project to C++ (from C).

How can I switch the compiler used for a part of the project? I don't like the idea of completely splitting the project into two parts. The directory has only and I suppose I should register this somehow in

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Usually the C++ compiler will be invoked for C++ source files, and the C compiler will be invoked for C source files. So where is the problem? – Ringding Jun 8 '11 at 11:23
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You must define output variable CXX in (the simplest way is by using AC_PROG_CXX macro), then all files with appropriate suffixes (.cc, .cpp) will be compiled by C++ compiler.

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In your source root, you mut have a and with all the compiler options. So, you can create a subdirectory with a new and with other options.

You only need to add this line in the parent


And add the new subdirectory in the parent

SUBDIRS= subdir_name

Hope can help.

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