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How to convert X,Y,Z from local reference (ENU) to world reference (ECEF) and reverse it ??


(lat,long) = center of the local reference system.
       x,y,z = position of the point,in local system reference.

Output: (lat,long)= poistion of the point in WGS84. Also: reverse coordinate.

I suppose the step is:

1) convert Xlocal,Ylocal,Zlocal  -> Xecef,Yecef,Zecef

2) convert Xecef,Yecef,Zecef     -> Lat,Long (WGS84)

And than

1) convert Lat,Long(WGS84)       -> Xecef,Yecef,Zecef

2) convert Xecef,Yecef,Zecef     -> Xlocal,Ylocal,Zlocal
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The Ordnance Survey has published A Guide to Coordinate Systems in Great Britain. It's a PDF document that contains the mathematical algorithms for converting between lat/long and cartesian coordinates. Obviously it is oriented towards British systems, but the parameters needed for WGS84 are given in the guide.

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