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i want to remove some table lines dynamicaly using struts2 and ajax.

i got an object "object1" which contains a list of "object2"

public class Object1 {
private int id;
private List<Object2> objs2;

in a jsp file a display informations about object1 in a form to be able to modify some input. To display the list i use an iterator.

<s:iterator value="object1.objs2" status="objsStatus">

this work fine, and i want to be able to delete one of these object2. so i put a link after each object2 which call a "delete" action with struts2-jquery.

<s:url id="delObject" value="/deleteObject2.action"/>
<sj:a id="delObj%{#objsStatus.index}" href="%{delObj}?object2.name=%{name}" targets="result">delete</sj:a>

my struts.xml

<action name="deleteObject2" class="Object2Action" method="deleteObj">

this also works fine BUT (there always a but...) i have to "refresh" manually the page to see the "new" list of object2. is it possible to call a javascript function on result success to remove the appropriate table line, using for example:

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You can try Reversen AJAX in jQuery. It will push data when it changed on server.



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