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Hii , I am new to JQuery, please help me how to highlight specific characters with jQuery autocomplete plug-in .,

my question is when i entered a xyz in a text box ,then with auto-complete we can get the letters starts with xyz with highlighting but in case the requested letters are there in middle of a big label then how to highlight those letters

Selected word : xyz

my desired list should display :1)abc xyz 2)bcs xyz

please help me

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autocomplete will match the words that contain the typed word anywhere in the source strings; unless you are using a custom source (JSON or callback). – Salman A Jun 8 '11 at 9:41

As far as i can see in this example it's highlighted by default..

Maybe your stylesheet doesn't hightlight tags (not default in all browsers).

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you can simply use replace function, with normal string replace or with regular expression for more complicated replaces.

var searchQuery = 'xyz'
var searchResult1 = 'abc xyz'
var searchResult2 = 'bcs xyz'

//display abc <b>xyz</b>
var displayResult1 = searchResult1.replace(searchQuery,'<b>'+searchQuery+'</b>');

//display bcs <b>xyz</b>
var displayResult2 = searchResult2.replace(searchQuery,'<b>'+searchQuery+'</b>');
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