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Following is the scenario. 1. My application has 2 activities. 2. Activity-1 creates an intent object and pass this intent to startActivity method to launch Activity-2 3. After startActivity method Activity-1 gets onPause.

My question here is that can i get the same intent object in my onPause method without making intent object a part of my class i.e. I know android provides API to get the intent which is used to launch the activity. That means i can get this intent object in Activity-2 but can i get it in Activity-1 also after i used the function startActivity.

Thanks Dalvin

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The onPause method has no arguments. Therefore all objects that it will operate on must either be class members or belong to a global/static object.

Is there a reason that you don't want this to be a part of your class? This will be the easiest and proper way to handle the situation.

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i asume that you wana get some data in first from second activity.

use Activity.startActivityForResult and override onActivityResult like here you can also return Intent there by changing setResult(RESULT_OK, null) to setResult(RESULT_OK, YourNewIntent)

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