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i Need a to design a Workflow based Java web application.

This application also interfaces with certain external systems who's inputs to my system are flat files.

I am looking for a framework or architecture methodology which implements a Java web application having workflow aspect to it. Any suggestions? I am in a hurry..its make or break for my professional prospects and i am new to Java!!

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IMHO jBPM - Business Process Management is the weapon of choice here. It's open source and can run in any J2EE server, and comes out-of-the-box with JBoss.

You define your own workflows and it does the heavy lifting, including reports, built in management web UI etc, etc. I've used it and it worked for me.

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DRY - if possible. See ...

MyExperiment: myExperiment makes it easy to find, use and share scientific workflows and other Research Objects, and to build communities.

Taverna: Taverna Workflow Management System Powerful, scalable, open source & domain independent tools for designing and executing workflows. Access to 3500+ resources.

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You can use or take reference of Intalio which is open source work flow manager tool.

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