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I need to measure how much memory and CPU my application is using at the moment, and I need to measure that from the very same application. Any advices how to do that? I've been using jconsole, but I can't find an API which would enable me to use it from a console application.


EDIT: As the user aix recommended, I'm using to achieve my goal. However, I have few questions about it. This is the code I wrote:

MemoryMXBean bean = ManagementFactory.getMemoryMXBean();
MemoryUsage memoryUsage = bean.getHeapMemoryUsage();
double used = (double)memoryUsage.getUsed() / (1024 * 1024); // in MB
double max = (double)memoryUsage.getMax() / (1024 * 1024); // in MB

I'm calling this from the application that I want to measure. What exactly does this measure? Memory taken by the whole application? By the current thread?

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It sounds like you're looking for the Java Virtual Machine Monitoring and Management API.

In particular, take a look at MemoryMXBean and ThreadMXBean.

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This will help, thanks! Can you please look at my updated question? – Ivan Jun 8 '11 at 12:28
@Ivan: AFAIK there's no such metric as "heap used by thread X" (how would you attribute objects that are shared by several threads or passed between threads). – NPE Jun 8 '11 at 12:58

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