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I'm trying to debug my firefox extension in Firebug. When there is error in the code, Firebug pauses on the code and I can jump to the code that caused error. The problem is when I want to set breakpoint in the code and trace it, it should theoretically be possible, but I can't find it.

Let's restrict this question to Firebug. I'm not satisfied with Venkman (and solve it elsewhere).

thank you for help

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What you're looking for is Chromebug. It's installed alongside Firebug, and it allows you to work with the actual Firefox chrome in addition to just the HTML page.

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Go to the Script window and choose the script and set a breakpoint by clicking just to the left of the line number of the chosen script

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The problem is in "choose the script". I can see only scripts from the page, not scripts from my extension. – xralf Jun 8 '11 at 11:30

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