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I am looking for an easy way to sort NameValueCollection on the basis of key - it should not be a performance heavy though.

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Start with SortedDictionary<string,string> or SortedList<string,string> and you're already there...

If you need the multiple items per key, then consider a SortedDictionary<string,List<string>>. There are ways to simplify addition etc with extension methods - it needn't be scary.

Note also that NameValueCollection is case-insensitive, so you might need to use one of the insensitive comparisons - for example:

Dictionary<string,string> data = new Dictionary<string,string>(

(edit) here's an example of using an extension method to populate multiple values against a single key in C# 3.0:

    static void Main()
        var data = new Dictionary<string, List<string>>(
        data.Add("abc", "def");
        data.Add("abc", "ghi");

    static void Add<TKey, TValue>(this IDictionary<TKey, List<TValue>> lookup,
        TKey key, TValue value)
        List<TValue> list;
        if (!lookup.TryGetValue(key, out list))
            list = new List<TValue>();
            lookup.Add(key, list);
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Here's a brute force hack that I'm not too proud of, but it works if you need something quick and dirty.

public static void Sort(this NameValueCollection nameValueCollection)
        // Create a temporary collection the same size as the original
        NameValueCollection tempNameValueCollection = new NameValueCollection(nameValueCollection.Count);

        // Sort the keys
        string[] keys = nameValueCollection.AllKeys;

        foreach (string key in keys)
            // Sort the values
            string[] values = nameValueCollection[key].Split(',');

            // Add each value to the temporary collection
            foreach (string value in values)
                tempNameValueCollection.Add(key, value);

        // Clear the original collection

        // Add the sorted entries back
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