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    $a = $monitoring->getMonitoringServers();
    if (in_array("", $a))
        echo "y";
        echo "n";

print_r($a) yields:

Array (
   [0] => stdClass Object ( [address] => )
   [1] => stdClass Object ( [address] => )

What's wrong with this code? The answer is always no!

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Please improve the question title. It doesn't really say anything. – PreferenceBean Jun 8 '11 at 11:12

Your array is made of objects, not strings.

By doing in_array("", $a) you are looking for the string "" inside $a, and as you can see on the print_r - it's inside an object.

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$flag = false;
foreach($a as $obj){
  if($obj->address == ""){
     $flag = true;

   echo 'Y';
   echo 'N';

$a is array of stdObjects, and you are treating them as normal values.

You are required to use a foreach loop to iterate through each element of $a.

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The $a var is an object, not an array.

See for a function that also works on objects.

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No, it's an array of objects. – DanielB Jun 8 '11 at 11:14

its simple try dis

$a = $monitoring->getMonitoringServers();

if (!in_array("", $a->address ) echo "y"; else echo "n"; ?> u l get output as n

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