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Anyone aware of any commercial of free tool that shows you the difference between two mysql databases.

We need to sometimes updates code and db patches on multiple live machines and need a definitive way to determine in human readable form the differences( tables, columns , indexes, etc ) between the new database we are about to change to and the existing database that exists currently on the live server.


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Redgate, authors of the excellent SQL server product Data Compare and SQL Compare have been working on MySQL compare which looks pretty good.

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MySQL Workbench http://www.mysql.com/products/workbench/features.html

You have to "Reverse Engineer" your database first, then you can "Synchronize Model" but I found it to be the best way so far. It's elegant, free and doesn't require you to get your hands dirty.

Source: MySQL Diff Tool

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We have tried SQL Delta with MSSQL with good results. I think it works with MySQL as well. Commercial product though.


Gah, sorry, wasn't for MySQL, my bad.

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Check out the open-source Percona Toolkit ---specifically, the pt-table-sync utility. It uses checksums on indexes and other strategies to diff tables fast. It's primary purpose is syncing replicas, but with a little extra work, it's a great diff tool. See my full answer about it here.

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