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Hi i write a little Form Editor, and ofcourse we can add some gropu controls: groupBox, panels and tabControls. In that containers we can add others controls : textbox, checkbox, ... and many others.

How is best way to get control by click on the form. I make dynamic controls, and when i add new i take in that MouseDown event and it's setting private variable, so i know how control i click. The way it's not good in tabContrtol. User can add new page to dynamic created tabControl and i don't know how to add the MouseDown on new page.

User add the now page by propertyGrid. In theoretic i can check the ValueChange on propertyGrind and if the selected object is TabControl, then make foreach for all pages and add the event... but i think it's good idea.

Maybe is better way to select control by click. The application apply groupbox in panel in groupbox etc.

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What is the actual question? How to know what control is at a specific mouse position with highest z-index, or how to control events in a tab control? –  Patrick Jun 8 '11 at 11:58
Maybe is better way to check the control i click, if not then the how to check the new page tab add. –  adamowski Jun 8 '11 at 12:15

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