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Now and then we need to show the contents of a webserver directory (mostly IIS, sometimes Apache). Problem is, it looks ugly (arguably).

Of course we could use a .NET (or php) script that reproduces the functionality.

But is there a direct way to influence the look of the listing or change the style sheet somehow? Can I add a CSS file?

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Seems that in IIS 7+ you can use your own module to define the look and feel.

When searching Google for the DirectoryListingModule you find nice gems like the Image Gallery Directory Listing Module.

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Cool stuff. Thanks. – Olaf Jun 8 '11 at 13:55

In apache, you just add stuff to an .htaccess file. Here is a tutorial.

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Thanks. Didn't know. Now I just wish something similar was possible in IIS. – Olaf Jun 8 '11 at 12:30

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