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Started a webpage that now contains a lot of analytic data. Now that I have the client GA Tracking ID I would like to move the data I already have to that account.

Is this possible?

I get the Google Analytics API, I can always fetch all the data I want, but my problem is, upon I have the data how can I send / push this data to other account

in other words, How can I transfer data?

The domain is the same, only the account Id in use was a different one (my own, instead of the client's)

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It is not possible:

You cannot currently transfer profiles or account data from one account to another account.

Google Analytics does not provide any flexibility with importing, exporting, or modifying any past data. Any data you have in one account cannot be moved to another.

With GA, the only way to get data in to an account is directly via __utm.gif requests, usually through their JavaScript snippet, but that doesn't allow for any way to import past data, since the date is fixed according to when the data is sent in.

Further, the Google Analytics API is read-only, and doesn't provide any way to import or move data.

(This answer is slightly less true for Universal Analytics

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dang! ... I was really hoping for a solution. –  balexandre Jun 8 '11 at 13:47
@balexandre If this is mission-critical, the one potential solution would be looking into purchasing an Urchin license, which is basically like installing a less-advanced, but more flexible, version of Google Analytics that should allow you to do things like data reprocessing. –  Yahel Jun 8 '11 at 13:58
at US$9995 it's a little out of reach, but thank you for the solution, I had no idea we could host our own Analytic Center! –  balexandre Jun 8 '11 at 14:03
There's actually a petition for this feature! petitiononline.com/analyse1/petition.html –  Nico Westerdale Nov 11 '13 at 15:32

http://piwik.org/ is a good alternative, open source analytics system, not unlike Google Analytics, but without some of the constraints like this.

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Might be possible to do this as i was curious and found a few forum posts mentioning it:

Log into GA. Goto the Account List. Find your web property, you can't click the 'property' itself but a profile under it... Then click on Admin on top-right side. Go 'Up' a Level. For example the breadcrumb says: 'Account list' › 'FOO (www.foo.com)' › 'FOO (www.foo.com) - (Default Profile)' and now the breadcrumb should say when you click 2nd breadcrumb link: 'Account list' › 'FOO (www.foo.com)'

Now you have an option to add other users to this whole web property by going to the Users tab. Add an Administrator user to this specific property. You can setup this user for them on gmail that they can change the password later after you set it up (or use their Google Account email they provide and maybe walk through with them to make sure they do it correctly).

Then login as that user, and delete the old user. Then that should 'transfer' to a new account.

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No, that doesn't do what the original question asked for. That just changes around the users, not move the profile into a different account. –  Ari Maniatis Aug 7 '13 at 4:09
Whoops, misread the question :(. Sorry. –  armyofda12mnkeys Aug 23 '13 at 15:21

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