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I'm using MOSS 2007 and have developed a set of fairly simple custom workflow activities for use in SharePoint Designer which control item-level permissions (break inheritance, re-inherit, revoke all non-admin access, grant access to user, etc). These all work great, except they seem to run too quickly in the workflows. For example, if my workflow follows the steps:

  1. Log message "A" to history list
  2. Update an Item in another list
  3. Revoke All Access to that List Item for Current User
  4. Log message "Z" to history list

I'll see the workflow fail, and the history list will look something like:

  1. "A"
  2. Revoked Access
  3. Error, user doesn't have access to item

To get around this I've resolved to adding "Pause for 3 Minutes" activities in my workflows before I make any permission changes (which actually pauses for 3-8 minutes). This resolves the errors, but adds considerable delays to my workflows (especially if multiple permission changes are needed, such as when creating multiple parallel task items and restricting those items to just who they're assigned to).

Is there anything I can do in the code of my custom activity to make sure prior steps in the workflow have finished before the activity starts?

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