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This is my first question hopefully i will get a repy... This site has been really usefull for me so far... I want to implement a colorbox on my website just like ask.fm... When you press ask to friends on that website a colorbox opens on which you can select from profile pics which friends to ask... I have found where i can download colorbox from but after that i have no clue how i can implement that functionality.... Any help would be greatly appriciated... Thanks in advance...

site where i found colorbox: http://colorpowered.com/colorbox/

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Well, this is a little vague. Anyway, the way you may want to go is create a page that has an anchor similar to this one:

<a href="#" onclick="$.fn.colorbox({href:'/remote/partial.html'}); return false">
  my colorbox popup

on the server side you render (or, like in the example above, go with static content) a partial html with whatever content you have in mind, e.g.

<form method="post" action="/remote/partial/post_data">

When you click the link in the first example, Colorbox will load this content into a popup with AJAX.

There are really many different ways to go about it, try skimming through various options presented on the Colorbox home page.

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