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I want to display '123' but 1 in red color 2 in green and 3 in black ... Is that possible, or is there any other recommended way of displaying different text color in the same textview...

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I dont have the code but it can be done using html text –  ingsaurabh Jun 8 '11 at 13:28
why that ?? you make a linearlayout and inflate texteview insade has many as you want :D –  subspider Jun 8 '11 at 13:29

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Ah I found it use below code

myTextView.setText(Html.fromHtml(html text having 1 in red 2 in green and so on));

I dont know web so you better consult someone who can write html for you :P

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tnx , here is something more coplete String styledText ="<font color='red'>asd</font>"; cache.timeView.setText(Html.fromHtml(styledText) ); –  Lukap Jun 8 '11 at 13:46
I don't think that using html is the right way to go. –  Kaj Jun 8 '11 at 13:55
Why does the html is not the right way @Kaj? –  Alesqui Sep 6 '13 at 16:32

Yes, you can have different colors in different places of the text if you are using SpannableString. Example:

SpannableString text = new SpannableString("Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet");  
// make "Lorem" (characters 0 to 5) red  
text.setSpan(new ForegroundColorSpan(Color.RED), 0, 5, 0);  
textView.setText(text, BufferType.SPANNABLE);

There's a more complete example here.

Javadoc for SpannableString

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Your answer should be marked as the correct one (not that the one marked correct is not, but I find this one the right approach). –  Leeeeeeelo Jan 18 '13 at 8:46

You can prints lines with multiple colors without html like this:)

TextView TV = (TextView)findViewById(R.id.mytextview01);

  Spannable WordtoSpan = new SpannableString("Your message");        

WordtoSpan.setSpan(new ForegroundColorSpan(Color.BLUE), 0, WordtoSpan .length(), Spannable.SPAN_EXCLUSIVE_EXCLUSIVE);

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Here is a way to do it that I am using on something, but modified to match the question in case anyone else should need it.

Call this in your TextView with number being whatever you want to set it by.


Then pick the colors below, any will work (html,argb,rgb,etc).

private int tColor(byte colorPicker) {
    int c;
               case 1: c=Color.RED;break;
               case 2: c=Color.GREEN;break;
               case 3: c=Color.BLACK;break;
return c;
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