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Good afternoon

I am running ant to process some code now I have path "com/source/project" in properties but I need to pass "com.source.project" to my java code is there anyway I can convert "/" to "." using ant command


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PropertyRegex task works for you, but you need to install ant-contrib.


<taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/">
    <pathelement location="./ant-contrib-1.0b3.jar"/>

<property name="path" value="com/source/project"/>
<echo message="Path=${path}"/>

<propertyregex property=""
              defaultValue="${path}" />

<echo message="package=${}"/>
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thanks mate !!! – Makky Jun 8 '11 at 15:58

Here's some complete project that uses the Ant Plugin Flaka. I also had to replace the ${path.separator} with '.' to start some java classes. See the comments starting with ';'

<project xmlns:fl="antlib:it.haefelinger.flaka">


  <property name="srcroot" value="path/to/srcrootdir"/>
  <property name="classroot" value="path/to/classrootdir"/>

  <!-- determine all main classes -->
  <fileset dir="${srcroot}" includes="**/*.java" id="mainclasses">
    <contains text="public static void main"/>

  <!-- iterate over those main classes and
       call the corresponding classfile -->
  <fl:for var="file" in="split('${toString:mainclasses}', ';')">
      ; strip the .java Extension
      file = replace(file, '', '.java')
      ; replace fileseparator with '.'
      ; on Windows you have to use the following line
      ; replace(file, '\.', '${file.separator}${file.separator}')
      file = replace(file, '\.', '${file.separator}')
      starting => #{file} in ${classroot}
    <java classname="#{file}">
         when using a fileset you'll get a because you're
         referencing classfiles and no jars
         therefore you have to use
         pathelement and location
       <pathelement location="${classroot}"/>

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I got it sorted myself ...but thanks anyway :) – Makky Jun 10 '11 at 8:24

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