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I have a rule

((cns=IDENT '->')* IDENT | (cns=IDENT '->')* 'STOP') -> ^(PREFIX ^(EVENTS $cns*) ^(ENDS $procn? STOP?)  ) 

This will work correctly if cns=IDENT is replaced by 'cns+=IDENT'. In that case how can I access cns as $cns.text.

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To store all IDENTs and not only last one cns=IDENT has to be changed to cns+=IDENT.

Now if you explore parser Java code generated by ANTLR cns is a generic ArrayList where all stored items are of type Token.

Now this list can be iterated through using a loop and you can do anything with the items using code like


This item is of Object type though and can be Casted(is this correct terminology?) to Token object for Token specific tasks.

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