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I am trying to build a simple catalog displaying items from a mysql database. So far I can get the items to display in a list format including the images stored as a path in the items table in a field called "path".

I would like the ability to be able to click on the item image and it takes you to a dedicated page showing you the details of that product. The link would correspond to which ever item you click on based on the data in the item table.

So far I have the following code;

require "connect.php";
$date = date("d-M-Y");
$query =  "select * from item order by date && time asc limit 0,3";
$query2 = "select * from users where userid = ".$_SESSION['userid'];
$result = @mysql_query($query, $connection) 
or die ("Unable to perform query<br>$query");

  while($row= mysql_fetch_array($result))
 <?php echo $row['item'] ?>
 <?php echo $row['description'] ?>
 //Code for Image Link
 <a href='<a href='<?php echo $row['path']?>'><img src="<?php echo $row['path']?>

The above code allows you to click on the image and it takes me to

However I don't know what I would need to enter in order for it to take me to a page that shows the product? Please Help

Many Thanks

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I would suggest closing your html tags </a> at the appropriate places, due to your while, you might create overlapping links, and cause unexpected results. –  Nightwolf Jun 8 '11 at 14:38

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I don't know your database schema, so I'm taking some liberties here about your columns for the product. But, try this:

<a href="/product_page.php?product_id?<?php echo $row['id']?>"><img src="<?php echo $row['path']?"/></a>

I also am not sure what your product page URL is either, so change product_page.php to whatever template you are using to display your products.

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You need to create another page called for example showProductsOrder.php that accepts the orderID and then does output the content.

      SELECT * FROM order WHERE orderID = $_GET['orderID']  
      while(fetch()) {
         //> Show product here

Also please don't use mysql_query. Use php.net/pdo


<a href="showProductsOrder?orderID=<?php echo $row['id']?>">Show all products</a>
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OK Thanks how do I apply the link to showProductsOrder.php from the line of code - <a href='<a href='<?php echo $row['path']?>'><img src="<?php echo $row['path']?>" –  Martin Dye Jun 8 '11 at 14:42
added example there –  dynamic Jun 8 '11 at 14:43

As yes123 said you would need to create another page, but i if you have a problem creating the link here is my suggested solution: Replace your link with:

<?php echo ("<a href='".$row['pagePath']."'><img src='".$row['imagePath']."' /></a>";?>

$row['pagePath'] is the page that it will load when the image is clicked on, and $row['imagePath'] is where the image is stored on your pc / server.

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