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I am using CopyOnWriteArraySet in the following class because I simply like its thread-safe iterator.

public class MyClass{
 Set _children = new CopyOnWriteArraySet();

 public void setChildren(Set children){
  _children = children;

 public Set getChildren(){
  return _children;

However, I also use Hibernate for persistency which replaces my CopyOnWriteArraySet with its own PersistentSet (which uses HashSet internally).

Unfortunately, HashSet is not thread-safe, so I want my CopyOnWriteArraySet back.

What's best practice here for the conversion?

My personal, naive attempt would be to replace the setter with this:

 public void setChildren(Set children){
  CopyOnWriteArraySet newSet = null;
  if ((children instanceof CopyOnWriteArraySet) == false){
   newSet = new CopyOnWriteArraySet(children);
   newSet = (CopyOnWriteArraySet)children;
  _children = newSet;

Is that a good way of working around this issue?

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You seem to like the if ((boolean condition) == false) anti-idiom. What's wrong with if (!boolean condition)? – Matt Ball Jun 8 '11 at 14:55
@Matt Ball I sometimes tend to miss the "!" character when debugging code because it's so inconspicuous. So I prefer to use the ==false syntax. – Timo Jun 8 '11 at 15:04

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