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I have a report with two params that are datetime, @startdate and @enddate.

I have set them up under "advanced settings" to "Automatically determine when to refresh" (also tried "Always refresh") for both of the parameters.

I deployed my report and ran it. Changed the date and it appears the report fires a postback (screen flashes and browser indicates activity bottom left corner) but I end up with a blank screen (I still have my breadcrumb up top but everything below is blank). If I hit the "view report" button on the end of the header area it will run it again but my intention is to re-run the report when either parameter changes.

Not sure what I did wrong. I'm using SSRS 2008 and this was something I was able to do in the past versions of SSRS.

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If you hard code a default parameter value, like 1/1/2000, it doesn’t think it needs to refresh all the way (it gives you a blank report though!). The solution is to point it to a query (dataset) that selects a date valued at 1/1/2000. And I think for multiple parameters, you have to set all default values this way. Pathetic for sure.

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Thanks for commenting on my issue. In the case of my StartDate param the default value is an expression of =Today(). For the EndDate my expression is =DateAdd("d",1, Today()). I have to do that because I want to see entries that fall in the current day and selecting by timestamp ranges doesn't seem to return everything. So your saying that if I choose "get values from a query" instead and make another dataset that it should work? I'll test it out and report back. Seems odd for sure. –  TWood Aug 12 '11 at 15:10
Ok well I finally had time to try your suggestion iejg. I set both my parameters in the report to always refresh. I created two datasets and wrote a query for each so they would have the proper value. My report still runs, but it does not auto refresh. I still have to click the button. Any other ideas? –  TWood Sep 15 '11 at 21:01

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