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hello everyone i just start programming in i struggling to add event handler dynamically. here is the scenario when the aspx page is load a link button is add with an event handler

page load add link button and event handler with link button

Dim products As New LinkButton

products.Text = "Products"


AddHandler products.Click, AddressOf getProducts

the getProducts function will loop in the database get all the product

    Dim testDb As New Product
    Dim arr As ArrayList = testDb.DbLoop()
    Dim ObjList As ProductBo
    Dim ID As Integer
    Dim link As LinkButton

    For Each ObjtList In arr

        ID= ObjtList.C_Id
        link = New LinkButton
        testPanel.Controls.Add(New LiteralControl("<br />"))
        link.ID = ID
        link.Text = ObjList.Name
        link.CommandArgument = CustInt
        AddHandler link.Click, AddressOf getProductsDetails
    Next ObjList

HERE IS MY problem after looping it will display a list of product in the database, what i want to do add a link of each product name when i click on one product it should invoke another event handler i try this one but it not working.

AddHandler link.Click, AddressOf getProductsDetails

thank you

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Don't forget you must re-create all dynamic controls on postback

Your Page is just a class remember and it is instantiated once per request, if it doesn't recreate these controls as well as the associated handlers on the postback request then you won't get anything happen..

You need to recreate these controls prior to Page_Load, you can do this in Page_Init or override the CreateChildControls method.

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+1 for you too. – Hasan Fahim Jun 8 '11 at 15:20

The reason it is not working is you are going through a postback. You have to re-add your handler on every postback. I would do it on the page _Init event.

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+1 @Robert Beaubien. I just overlooked this. – Hasan Fahim Jun 8 '11 at 15:19

Interchange the following line:

AddHandler link.Click, AddressOf getProductsDetails

They should be:

AddHandler link.Click, AddressOf getProductsDetails
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