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In my silverlight application I use a datagrid. The item source is an ObservableCollection< Customer > The Customer object implements INotifyPropertyChanged. The problem is that from second to second I update all customers elapsed time. If I have in the grid 5000+ records this is a problem for performance.

Do you know if it is possible to have in silverlight something like:

//update model

... or suspend bindings.

Since I update only elapsed time column I would like to update only that column ... not the whole grid. Does the datagrid support some event to receive a list of updates? In this case maybe I can think of implementing my custom ObservableCollection.

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Hi. I created a small example to repoduce your problem. I created a small customer (only name and surname) and a second timer which is updated via a Dispatcher Timer each second. All properties throw the proeprties changed event. The DataGrid has AutoGenerateColumns an as ItemsSource an ObservableCollection with 6000 Customers. If I update the Seconds only the getter of the seconds is called, no other getter... So only the Seconds column is updated. My Grid gets a little slow after a while, but this could be, cause I create a Dispatcher for each object... Could you provide some more code? –  TerenceJackson Jun 8 '11 at 19:28

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Have you tried using OneTime binding mode instead of TwoWay? If you use OneTime, you can decide to manually refresh the grid by saving changes on your context. You can also control edits using grid.BeginEdit() and grid.CommitEdit().

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