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Imagine I have following jBehave stories:

When I create servers with properties:
| processor | ram  | os  |
| i5        | 8    | win |
| i3        | 4    | lin |

Then ....


When I create install os with properties:
| type   | version  |
| win    | vista    |
| lin    | centOS   |

Then ....

And correspondent step definitions for these stories:

@When("I create servers with properties:$servers")
public void createServers(Set<Server> servers) ...


@When("I install os with properties:$osSet")
public void createServers(Set<OS> osSet) ...

So I need a converter to convert table input to Set and Set. Is it possible to write such converters? The problem is that collections differs only in generic type Server and OS.

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You should be fine by implementing boolean accept(Type type) using Type getGenericComponentType() defined in GenericArrayType

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