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q1: given a table : ID, Date, Status. Write a SQL query which receives @ID @Date and retrieve the status the person with that id on that date or the last status not later than that @date if that date doesn't exist.

I have tried to write queries for above questions. I would appreciate you remarks:

SELECT TOP (1) status from MyTable AS T
WHERE T.Date <= @date && = @id

Thanks guys

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You need to use AND instead of &&, and order by date descending:

SELECT TOP 1 status 
from MyTable AS T 
WHERE T.Date <= @date 
    and = @id 
ORDER BY T.Date desc
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SELECT TOP 1 status from MyTable AS T WHERE T.Date <= @date AND = @id ORDER BY T.Date

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ORDER BY T.Date DESC – Elad Benda Jun 8 '11 at 15:24

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