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Say you have the following destructor in a mutex class wrapping up pthread mutex calls:


If this fails (returns non-zero) we can't throw an exception obviously. How best do we deal with this?

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Write an error message and call abort(). Hard, visible failure is often preferable to continuing blithely on when the impossible appears to have happened.

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I don't think there's a lot you can do other than ignore it (possibly logging a message, especially if you get EBUSY since this could indicate a serious logic error in your program).

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You may take a look at boost::threads: if you are building release - return code will not be checked, and if you are build debug version - abort() will be called with error message printed, BOOST_VERIFY is user for this

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In my opinion, the only sane recourse in such a case is assert(3) - something went horribly wrong, so somebody has to investigate ...

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I suggest a run-time assertion. If it fails, you are in posix's land of undefined behavior.

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The fact that it's inside a destructor is irrelevant. The problem is that you cannot recover if destruction fails (except ignoring it). It's always the case, no matter what language you use.

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