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I'm working on a new application and i need to make a messages interface with lookup, using the key to find the value (like ConstantsWithLookup, but capable to receive parameters). I have being investigating Dictionary class functionality but it lacks message customization through parameters.

With ConstantsWithLookup i can make the following:


and get something like:

Field must be filled with numbers

But i need to do this:

myMessagesWithLookupInterface.getString("key", "param1", "param2",...);

and get something like:

Field _param1_ must be filled with numbers greater than _param2_

I have no clue how to do this.

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Use GWT regular expressions:

//fields in your class
RegEx pattern1 = RegEx.compile("_param1_");
RegEx pattern2 = RegEx.compile("_param2_");

public String getString(String key, String replace1, String replace2){
    // your original getString() method
    String content = getString(key);
    content = pattern1.replace(content,replace1);
    content = pattern2.replace(content,replace2);
    return content;

If your data contains Field _param1_ must be filled with numbers greater than _param2_ then this will replace _param1_ with content of string replace1.

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This requires the use of a ConstantsWithLookup, while I really need the extra capabilities of Messages (support for @PluralCount and SafeHtml as a return type). –  David Nouls Dec 4 '14 at 10:47

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