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I installed ImageMagick following the instructions on this site.

When I check my phpinfo() there is a whole section on imagick now.

imagick module  enabled
imagick module version  3.0.1
imagick classes Imagick, ImagickDraw, ImagickPixel, ImagickPixelIterator
ImageMagick version ImageMagick 6.5.7-8 2010-12-02 Q16
ImageMagick copyright   Copyright (C) 1999-2009 ImageMagick Studio LLC
ImageMagick release date    2010-12-02
ImageMagick number of supported formats:    202

However when I try to use it I get this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function NewMagickWand()

I have never used image magick before.

Did I not install it right? Is there more extensions I need to install?

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You need the MagickWand module/extension installed for it to work. See:

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Thanks, the instructions say to download a file and I only have ssh capabilities so I have asked the server admins to install magickwand. Hopefully that solves it. – JD Isaacks Jun 8 '11 at 16:11

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