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I'd like to make color palettes available through a Web service, and am wondering if there are any standard schemas (in XML, JSON, etc) for color palettes.

Googling has not been fruitful. Do any exist, or should I roll my own?


Edit: something as simple as this would work:

[ 'FFFFFF', '000000', ... ]

But if there is a standard for transmitting color palettes, I'd like to go with it, even if it has more features than I need.

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I googled this also recently, and couldn't find anything, so I rolled my own using JSON, they're used on my personal homepage in the site themes section. I have an index page that lists files, which specify which JSON file to use for the theme, like here.

there's definitely room for improvement in my implementation, but I figured I would respond as I recently went through the same googling exercise and ended up rolling my own, which turned out to be really straightforward.

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Thanks, this is close. I'd like to serve up a palette as a set of colors, "Here is a palette", but without tying each color to a particular use, like background/foreground/etc. –  mwcz Jun 8 '11 at 15:56
yeah, I would just make the key values more generic names, perhaps based on lightness/darkness? my implementation is admittedly very specific to what I wanted to achieve on my site. I think having a dictionary format like json is nice, but entirely up to you. –  Paul Sanwald Jun 8 '11 at 16:13

If you are looking for named colors, consider google closure libs. Or do you want to describe the visual layout of a palette in a micro-format?


 * A map that contains a lot of colors that are recognised by various browsers.
 * This list is way larger than the minimal one dictated by W3C.
goog.color.names = {
  'aliceblue': '#f0f8ff',
  'antiquewhite': '#faebd7',
  'aqua': '#00ffff',
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The colors I'm dealing with can be anywhere in the RGB colorspace, so there won't be a name for each of them. For the colors that DO have names, I wouldn't mind including the names, though, so goog.color.names might be useful. –  mwcz Jun 8 '11 at 15:53
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Update almost a year later:

I never did find an XML or JSON color palette format. Instead, I discovered Photoshop .ACO files and GIMP's .gpl files.

GPL is a very simple ASCII color palette file format, requiring no explanation at all. It looks like this:

GIMP Palette
Name: Power Palette
Columns: 0
255   0   0 Red
255 255 255 White
  0   0   0 Black

ACO is a more complicated, binary format. More information on how to read/write this format here.

Converting from GPL to XML or JSON would be dead simple.

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