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I have a button that redirect to @Url.Action("Index", "Home") it is part of the main menu located in all pages included both HTML and cshtml. So I don't know how to tell to HTML ones to redirect to Index cshtml when the button is clicked.

*HTML pages are the 80% of the content in the website.

*Im currently using ASP.Net MVC 3


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If what you want is to link the static HTML pages to the Index action of HomeController, a simple html link should do the trick:

<a href="/home/index">Home</a>
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Should I use ~/home/index, the htmls pages are not in the same level of mvc views – Angel Escobedo Jun 8 '11 at 15:52
~/home/index will not work for static html pages, the ~ is parsed by the ASP.NET (MVC) engine and converted to a full url, but no parsing takes place on a static html page. You'll have to see how the generated url looks like and set in manually in the href attribute of the link. What does the url generated by @Url.Action("Index", "Home") look like? – Sergi Papaseit Jun 8 '11 at 15:54

Since this Q is already answered just some additional info going the other way - if you want to tell your cshtml files to redirect to your html files inside of an application besides direct linking (or using /../../SomeFolder) you can use

<a href="@Url.Content("~/Home/Index.html")">Home</a>

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