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I have downloaded eclipse 3.1.2 to be able to make use of a particular library (Indus - http://indus.projects.cis.ksu.edu/). Under the 'Create a java project' dialog, the JDK section is automatically set to 1.4, which is fine. However, I don't have jdk 1.4 installed on my machine. Is it included with Eclipse 3.1.2? Also when I right click on the project and go to 'Properties' and select 'Java build Path', the jre is set to jre 6. Should this not be a jre suitable for java 1.4? Could someone also explain to me exactly what the jre is and how it ties in with the jdk?

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You should be able to find older jdk's or jre's (like here). If you compile the Eclipse project for a certain version, newer jre's should be able to run them too.

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