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I'd like to pause my program if a user is inactive for 5 minutes. By inactive I mean hasn't pressed their mouse or their keyboard during that time (including outside the program too!). Any starting points?

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Within a timer you could p/invoke GetLastInputInfo() which will return the number ms since input was detected from the user, across all processes in the current session.

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Seems like what I need, but the weird thing is that LASTINPUTINFO only increases when I'm moving my mouse. –  Andrew Jun 8 '11 at 18:51
It returns the tick-time of the last input so it will go up, deduct it from Environment.TickCount –  Alex K. Jun 8 '11 at 18:57

This question is very similar to an old question:

.NET equivalent for GetLastInputInfo

Which referenced a good article describing some different options in C#:


If you don't mind using P/Invoke and being limited to running on windows systems, then using P/Invoke to call GetLastInputInfo() is probably the simplest method of accomplishing what you want.

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you could override the WndProc and look for the WM_IDLE message

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I've used the GMA.UserActivityMonitor library a while ago to achieve this.

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