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Excuse me.

I am using jcarousel for nice sliders. so I have got two sliders on my web page.

The first slider is greater than second. so i need modify the separation between images in second slider without modify css (The css is for all sliders in webpage).

However when I modify margin-right in jcarousel-item:

  • If the jcarousel wrap is circular break the slide.
  • If the jcarousel wrap is normal slide until end of div.

How i modify jcarousel st

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Grammatically, your question is very difficult to understand. However, regarding circular wrap being broken, I've provided an answer below. –  Sparky Jun 8 '11 at 16:55

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It's a documented issue by the jCarousel developer that wrap:circular is broken and won't be fixed until the next release.

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Thanks for this! Was about to hack on the code a bit but it sounds like it has been an issue for a while and will be fixed in the new 0.3 version (whenever that is released). –  raidfive Aug 11 '11 at 5:47

When I ran into this problem, I changed to jQuery Cycle Plugin (

It was annoying to re-implement the image slider again, but it works well in all the major browsers.

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