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How can I generate a plot like the following in R.

enter image description here

It shows the percent of transactions (x) for a given response time (y), see my own answer below for my own go at it.

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Methinks you want a plot of an empirical cumulative distribution function.

So take a look at the documentation for ecdf() as well as the more featureful Ecdf() in the CRAN package Hmisc.

Hmisc Ecdf example: ExecTm array of execution times, HttpProvCall array of time it took to call downstream system and we compare the time we spend with the downstream system with percentiles

> library(Hmisc)
> x <- c(ExecTm,ExecTm-HttpProvCall)
> g <- c(rep('ExecTm',length(ExecTm)),rep('ExecTm-HttpProvCall',length(ExecTm)))
> Ecdf(x, group=g, xlab='Test Results', 
+     label.curves=list(keys=1:2),q=c(.90,.95,.98))

enter image description here

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I just had a short look at the online help to ecdf to be sure and, whoops, there is the answer. On stackoverflow it pays to post first and think second if you want to gain points :) (btw +1) –  Henrik Jun 8 '11 at 17:24
thanks, added an example of my dataset –  oluies Jun 9 '11 at 15:34

y <- c(rnorm(8000, 300, 10), rnorm(400, 500, 300) )

t2 <- quantile(y, probs = seq(0, 99.99, by=.1)/100)

plot(t2, xlab="promille ", ylab="time (ms)",pch=20)

gives me:

enter image description here

whit my dataset

enter image description here

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