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I have a project which won't Archive-build correctly in Xcode 4. It appears to me that the "Build For Archiving" and "Archive" commands build differently, and I cannot determine any reason why!


  • The workspace contains two projects: an app and a static library; the projects are arranged as peers.
  • "Build" and "Run" both work correctly; app executes in iOS simulator and on device.
  • "Build for Running", "Build for Testing", "Build for Profiling", and "Build for Archiving" all work correctly also.
    • Build for Running is debug, Build for Profiling is release, so both configuration have been tested.
  • "Archive" fails!

Failure 1 (Library):

When I try to execute the "Archive" command on the library, a custom resource script fails. The script is reading from the resources directory ($RESOURCES_DIR)

For release builds, this maps to:


For the archive, this maps to:

...DerivedData/App-uniquecrap/ArchiveIntermediates/Build Frameworks/BuildProductsPath/Release-iphoneos/Resources/LibraryName

Except Resources is missing in the ArchiveIntermediates tree!

UPDATE: The first part of the problem is caused by poor quoting in the script file. Xcode4's paths now include a folder with an embedded space (imagine that!) and improperly quotes paths don't work as well as we would like. That fixed, I still have the problem that the resource files copied by the Gather Resources build phase are not going to the correct location; the script expects them in $(RESOURCE_DIR), but I can't seem to find the correct setting in Gather Resources to send them there. Suggestions?

Failure 2 (App):

When I have managed to kludge my way part the first failure (typically by copying files and bypassing the script), I run into another error building the App. "Archive" complains that it can't find imported files when building the precompiled headers.

Nothing unusual here either; headers are imported in pch file in the typical manner:

#import <LibraryName/Library.h>

As before, "Build", "Build for Archiving", etcetera succeed without problem. "Archive" fails. Either the include paths are set up correctly and "Archive" is ignoring them; or the include paths are set up incorrectly and Xcode is auto-magically fixing them in the other builds. (Either way, I'm very frustrated).

How can I (A) make Archive builds work; or (B) figure out what is going on, so I can accomplish (A)?


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