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i want to know the difference between single network advertisement and multiple network advertisement?

I am a mobile developer and i want to know if i use networks like Admob by Google how would these networks affect me in coding if i wish to show advertisements in my mobile application.

If i want to show only my own advertisements on my application would going to Admob be a wise decision.

Also if i wish to put my mobile application up as a publisher so that others can put their ads on my mobile application, how do i achieve this and what would i need to do in coding to achieve this? I have heard that usually advertisers provide their own SDK which i have to use in my application.

My mobile application is in Android. thank you in advance.

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Using a multiple network advertisement service gives you a broader range of ads which can keep ads from becoming stale to your users. If you're expecting revenue from these ads, you need your users to not have them just blend into the environment, and if they see the same ad repeatedly this can happen more quickly.

For what its worth, I have an app with two ad services -- a banner on top of the display (multi-network) and another on the bottom (Admob)... my revenue from the multi-network service is far greater than that from Admob.

If you want to show your own advertisements, Admob is an excellent solution since they allow you to dial in a percentage of "house ads" to show.

As an app provider, you would not typically deal with advertisers directly -- you deal with Admob and their competition to avoid that. If you actually want to deal with them directly, you would need to devise your own mechanism for displaying their ads, tracking customer usage, and convincing them that they owe you money. Unless you can anticipate some serious amount of ad revenue, it's likely that just including an ad provider's SDK in your app is the most efficient route to take.

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