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How can I list all Java processes in bash? I need an command line. I know there is command ps but I don't know what parameters I need to use.

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please show a bit more effort in researching this and describing your problem, there are a lot of possibilities depending on what exactly you're after. –  Mat Jun 8 '11 at 18:03
If you know there is ps then first try man ps,info ps and learn about it in the Internet. –  ssapkota Jun 8 '11 at 23:10

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ps aux | grep java

and see how you get on

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or use "jps"... –  Thomas Jungblut Jun 8 '11 at 18:06
ps axuwww | grep java | grep -v grep

The above will

  • show you all processes with long lines (arg: www)
  • filter (grep) only lines what contain the word java, and
  • filter out the line "grep java" :)

(btw, this example is not the effective one, but simple to remember) ;)

you can pipe the above to another commands, for example:

ps axuwww | grep java | grep -v grep | sed '.....'  | while read something
    something_another $something


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You can use single command pgrep as well (doesn't require you to use pipes and multiple commands):

pgrep -fl java
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Recent Java comes with Java Virtual Machine Process Status Tool "jps"


For example,

[nsushkin@fulton support]$ jps -m
2120 Main --userdir /home/nsushkin/.netbeans/7.0 --branding nb
26546 charles.jar
17600 Jps -m
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If I want simply list java processes, use:

ps -A | grep java
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When I want to know if a certain Java class is getting executed, I use the following command line:

ps ww -f -C java | grep "fully.qualified.name.of.class"

From the OS side view, the process's command name is "java". The "ww" option widens the colum's maximum characters, so it's possible to grep the FQN of the related class.

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This will return all the running java processes in linux environment. Then you can kill the process using the process ID.

ps -e|grep java
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To know the list of java running on the linux machine. ps -e | grep java

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