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I would like to monitor a log file that is being written to by an application. I want to process the file line by line as, or shortly after, it is written. I have not found a way of detecting that a file has been extended after reaching eof.

The code needs to work on Mac and PC, and can be in any language, though I am most familiar with C++ and Perl.

Does anybody have a suggestion for the best way to do it?

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In Perl, the File::Tail module does exactly what you need.

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A generic enough answer:

Most languages, on EOF, return that no data were read. You can re-try reading after an interval, and if the file has grown since, this time the operating system will return data.

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The essense of tail -f is the following loop:

open IN, $file;
while(1) {
  my $line = <IN>;
  if($line) {
    #process line...
  } else {
close IN;

The seek call is to clear the EOF flag.

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You should be able to use read the standard io from tail -f

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I'd have thought outputting the actions via tee, and thence tail'ing (or using the loop above) the file created by tee some use.

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For Java see this excellent article

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