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Hello I blocked in the creation of a simple table please help me using ubuntu 11.04 - PostgreSQL 8.4.8 with phppgadmin I get this code :

  id                SERIAL,
  username          CHARACTER VARYING(255),
  etat              INTEGER(1),
  avatar            CHARACTER VARYING(255),
  description       text,
  email             CHARACTER VARYING(255),
  website           CHARACTER VARYING(255),
  country           CHARACTER VARYING(255),
  location          CHARACTER VARYING(255),
  nb_upload         INTEGER,
  sexe              CHARACTER VARYING(25),
  group_id          INTEGER,
  created           DATE,
  modified          DATE,
  enable_mail       INTEGER(1),
  enable_location   INTEGER(1),
  facebook_id       BIGINT,

but every time I execute , it return this error :

ERROR: syntax error at or near "(" LINE 1: ... "password" character varying(255), "etat" integer(1), "avat...


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I'm not sure it's a great idea to be mixing different languages in an app, but I suppose it's your problem in the long run. – Denis de Bernardy Jun 8 '11 at 22:21
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integer(1) is not a valid data type in PostgreSQL. The correct name is integer

See the manual for a complete list of all available types:


If you want to store a "flag" that stores true/false use the boolean data type instead.

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yes problème fixed thanks – Ahmed Ouadi Jun 10 '11 at 12:55
CREATE TABLE "public"."users" ("id" SERIAL, "username" character varying(255), "password" character varying(255), "etat" integer, "avatar" character varying(255), "description" text, "email" character varying(255), "website" character varying(255), "country" character varying(255), "location" character varying(255), "nb_upload" integer, "sexe" character varying(25), "group_id" integer, "created" date, "modified" date, "enable_mail" integer, "enable_location" integer, "facebook_id" bigint, PRIMARY KEY ("id"))

this should work for you) by the way what do you mean by integer(1) ?)

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Worked for me thanks!!! – Sumit Munot Apr 24 '14 at 19:50

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