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I'm trying to use Simpletest's scriptable browser to test out forms and links on an ASP site.

See this site:


If you click on the links (under the "search" section) in the left frame, the content in the right frame changes. If I direct link to the links on the left, I get an error.

Using simpletest:

    $browser = &new SimpleBrowser();
    $browser-> useCookies();
    $browser-> useFrames();
    $browser->clickLink('Sponsoring Institutions');
    $content = $browser->getContent();
    echo $content;

The "sponsoring institutions" page doesn't show but rather the error.

Any ideas? Or is there a different way to do this? I've Used Selenium for this, but I really need something server side that doesn't show the actual browser running (like selenium).

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Add http://www.acgme.org/ as referrer in the request headers. That often helps for "I do not allow direct linking"-sites. –  hakre Jun 8 '11 at 19:22
@hakre Awesome. I got that to work but I had to point at as asp page like /adspublic/default.asp There are still some pages I can't get too, but I might have to mess w/ different referrer combo's. THANKS –  that0n3guy Jun 10 '11 at 13:50

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