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In an attempt to target a specific div, I am using the following code:

function popupBox($area){
        //$mainBox  =   $(document).createElement('div').attr('id', 'mainBox');
        $mainBox    =   $('<div></div>').attr('id', 'mainBox');
        $($mainBox).text('main box responding');

        $parent =   $('div#custom-page-node-block-output-right div.views-row').parent( $($area) );


The only issue is there are 2 divs with the class div#custom-page-node-block-output-right div.views-row. I though since the source element whose parent I am looking for is within one of the two divs, I should only get a single element in response but it's returning both.

You can see the issue in action at http://test5omniforce.co.uk/node/3 (best viewed in Firefox). Just hover your mouse over any of the blue-colored rooms on either floor plan.

The idea is to get a green background over the immediate parent of any room over which the mouse is hovering but I get both. It's obviously because I am using classes instead of IDs but I can't use IDs in this solution.

Can anyone advice if there is a way to achieve the desired effect with adjustments to my code?


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ID's in jQuery must be unique for your information, if you set 2 items with the same class name and give them a id of 1 and 2 this will make them unique elements. –  John Jun 8 '11 at 19:36

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Have you tried:

$('div#custom-page-node-block-output-right div.views-row').parent( $($area) ).first();


$('div#custom-page-node-block-output-right div.views-row').parent( $($area) ).last();

One or the other might work but I agree with John, the id's should be unique.

Here is a jsfiddle example: http://jsfiddle.net/nxGjA/2/

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Updated my answer to use more of the code in the question and added a jsFiddle example. –  jk. Jun 8 '11 at 19:47
Thanks John and Jen. I agree with you, IDs must be unique. It's the reason why I can't use IDs in this solution because the site generates the divs and my code dynamically searches through them. If I used IDs, I will have to write separate code for each div - not very dynamic –  sisko Jun 8 '11 at 21:43
$parent = $($area).parents('div.views-row');

Note: if the element is a jQuery element (like $parent is, since it is returned from a jQuery call,) you do not have to wrap it in $(). Also note that $area is not a jQuery object, just a passed in HTML element.

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$area is any element passed in from another function. So, I just wrap it in jQuery when I start looking for it's parent –  sisko Jun 8 '11 at 21:48

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