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Pair.net recently upgraded our PHP install and afterwards client started see HTML in email body where previously he had seen formatted email body.

I add myself as a CC and my Outlook shows me the formatted body but on the same email he sees code.

Anyone run into this before?

Any hints?

Code looks like:

$headers = "From: $name <$email>\r\n" . 
    "Reply-To: $email\r\n" .
    "X-Mailer: PHP/" . phpversion(). 
    'MIME-Version: 1.0' . "\r\n" .
    'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1' . "\r\n";
$msg = "<html><body><head><style type='text/css'>TD { font-family: Tahoma, Helvetica, sans-serif, Arial, Verdana; font-weight:bold; }</style></head>";
$msg .="<table width='98%' border='0' cellspacing='8'> etc etc etc

mail("$to, me@myoffice.com", $sub, $msg, $headers);

Actual email headers follow:

Delivered-To: xxx@xxx.com
Received: by with SMTP id z10cs87437bkh;
        Wed, 8 Jun 2011 12:50:43 -0700 (PDT)
Received: by with SMTP id i83mr5392587weq.43.1307562643519;
        Wed, 08 Jun 2011 12:50:43 -0700 (PDT)
Return-Path: <anonymous@tinco.pair.com>
Received: from tinco.pair.com (tinco.pair.com [])
        by mx.google.com with SMTP id f69si2172888wes.55.2011.;
        Wed, 08 Jun 2011 12:50:43 -0700 (PDT)
Received-SPF: pass (google.com: best guess record for domain of anonymous@tinco.pair.com designates as permitted sender) client-ip=;
Authentication-Results: mx.google.com; spf=pass (google.com: best guess record for domain of anonymous@tinco.pair.com designates as permitted sender) smtp.mail=anonymous@tinco.pair.com
Received: (qmail 11613 invoked by uid 65534); 8 Jun 2011 19:50:41 -0000
Date: 8 Jun 2011 19:50:41 -0000
Message-ID: <20110608195041.11612.qmail@tinco.pair.com>
To: sales@yyy.com, xxx@xxx.com
From: David XXX <xxx@xxx.com>
Reply-To: xxx@xxx.com
X-Mailer: PHP/5.3.6MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
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Update (original below):

You forgot a newline in your headers ;) Between the X-Mailer header and the MIME-Version header there should be an \r\n... it's swallowing the MIME-Version (in your eg headers too):

$headers = "From: $name <$email>\r\n" . 
    "Reply-To: $email\r\n" .
    "X-Mailer: PHP/" . phpversion()."\r\n".
    "MIME-Version: 1.0\r\n" .
    "Content-Type: text/html;charset=\"iso-8859-1\"\r\n";

Old (potential) answer

I think this may be a case of... case, the correct header is:

Content-Type: text/html;charset="iso-8859-1"

There may also be a transfer-encoding issue (the Content-Transfer-Encoding header)

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Testing this now. Thanks for reply! –  jerrygarciuh Jun 8 '11 at 20:22
The change did not alter what I see (good) or what client sees (code) –  jerrygarciuh Jun 8 '11 at 20:42
Fixed that but client still sees same issue of code. –  jerrygarciuh Jun 9 '11 at 2:30
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I continue to think server upgrades and switch to qmail may have done this but issue is resolved by switching to SwiftMail.

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