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Hi I am working on displaying a form where i have a checkbox with some configuration input(textField). How can i display them side by side? Below is the code written in ExtJS. I have some hard time coming up with a solution.

    xtype: 'checkbox',
    fieldLabel: 'label1',
    name: 'label1',
    checked: false,
}, {
    xtype: 'textfield',
    fieldLabel: 'Config for checkbox',
    name: 'ConfigForCheckBox',

I would really appreciate any help.


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Mind the trailing commas... –  Chau Jun 9 '11 at 7:11

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try this :

    xtype       : 'compositefield'
    ,hideLabel  : true
    ,labelWidth : 100
    ,items         : [{ 
        xtype  : 'displayfield'
        ,width : 120
        ,value : 'label1'

        xtype   : 'checkbox',
        name    :'label1',
        checked : false,
        xtype  :  'displayfield'
        ,width : 20
        xtype   : 'textfield'
        ,width  : 120
        ,name   : 'ConfigForCheckBox'

refer this : CompositeField

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Quick solution:

Create column layout and on second column hide Label for your input.

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