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I'm creating an Akhet (Pyramid) web application. How can one generate in a mako template the URL for a given Handler/view ?

I'm looking for the equivalent of Pylons' ${url(controller="users", view="list")

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Akhet exposes the URLGenerator object as a renderer global, so you can just use url('users', action='list'), assuming config.add_handler('users', '/users/{action}', ...) in your setup.

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I don't see where it's written in the page you linked but url(handler, action="someaction") works. Thanks! – ascobol Jun 9 '11 at 7:42

You need to use route_url. It's available in the templates in request.route_url.

<a href="${request.route_url('import')}">Import</a>

for example

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it indeed works. It took me some time to understand your answer, which is not complete. In the case of akhet, assuming config.add_handler('users', '/users/{action}', ...) in the setup as Michael said, you can call: request.route_url('users', action='someaction'). To obtain a relative path (without http://), the method to call is route_path instead of route_url. – ascobol Jul 4 '11 at 20:42

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