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I have TextBox in which user can type only Aplhabets(Lower&Upper), Hypen (-), BackSpace only. These will be basically any Qualified URL name page like Contact/my-contact etc

I need Rejex and restriction of keyboard keys on that Textbox.

For keyboard logic below code is not working properly as well so need help

jQuery('#UrlName').keypress(function (e) {
    code = e.keyCode ? e.keyCode : e.which;
    if ((code.toString() > 45 || code.toString() < 57) && (code.toString() < 97 || code.toString() > 122)) return false;
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Like this:

jQuery('#UrlName').keypress(function (e) {
    if (e.which == 8) return true;
    if (!/[A-Z\-]/i.test(String.fromCharCode(e.which))) return false;           

example: http://jsfiddle.net/niklasvh/77feF/

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Thanks . There is one problem I can not use Backspace to delete what I have typed. Can you fix that Please –  Rashid Jun 8 '11 at 21:37
@ pirzada if (e.which == 8) return true; added to my answer –  Niklas Jun 8 '11 at 21:40

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