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I am writing a Perl script that is iterating over file names in a directory and its sub-directories, using the following method:

find(\&getFile, $mainDir);

sub getFile {
    my $file_dir = $File::Find::name;
    return unless -f $file_dir;    # return if its a folder

The file structure looks like this:


However because of version control each folder and subfolder has a hidden .svn directory that has duplicates of every file inside with a .svn-base suffix:


I was wondering if there is a return statement like the one I had previously using:

return if ($file_dir eq "something here");

to skip all the .svn folders to not find filenames with the .svn-base suffix. I have been fiddling around with regex and searching for hours without much luck. I have only been using perl for couple days.

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You may use

return if ($file_dir !~ /\.svn/);

(!~ is equivalent to !($file_dir =~ /\.svn/). The =~ operator compares a variable with a pattern.

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Thanks I'll give that a spin. I always confused about the usage of those regular expression. They are very useful but sometimes hard to get my head wrap around how they work. Thanks a bunch for fast reply –  Scott Jun 8 '11 at 22:02
You're welcome! –  Diego Sevilla Jun 8 '11 at 23:41

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