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I am trying to create a new user via my functional test, but the user is not created. assert_no_difference('User.count') fails as a result.

Post part of test: post :create, :user => { :client_id => 'xxxx', :client_secret => 'yyyy', :email => 'anp@random.com', :password => 'testpass' }

I get this as output: 1) Failure: test_should_allow_bare_signup(UsersControllerTest) []: Expected response to be a <:success>, but was <403>

2) Failure: test_should_allow_full_signup(UsersControllerTest) []: "User.count" didn't change by 1. <4> expected but was <3>.

I feel that the test is unable to access the users_controller and hence results in a 403 Forbidden.

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That's because the action create on your users_controller requires authentication to be performed.

Which kind of authentication are you using?

The solution should be to perform an access before submitting your post.

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