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I have a directories that look like this

fool@brat:/mydir/ucsc_mm8> tar -xvf *.tar 

What I want to do is to move out all the "*.masked" files in the subdirectories /1 upto /Un. Is there a compact way to do it in Linux/Unix?

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The typical way of moving files all files matching a particular expression is

mv 1/*.masked targetDir

where targetDir could be ..

If you want to move it from directories 1,2,3 then you can do something like

mv */*.masked targetDir

Or, if you want to specifically move it from numbered directories, you can just run something like

mv [0-9][0-9]/*.masked targetDir
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Many unix shells support the * operator in the directory portion of the path as well. The following works in at least bash and zsh:

ls */*.masked

This will return all of the files that end in .masked one directory deeper.

So to move them:

mv */*.masked destination
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mv */*.masked .
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