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I have a CakePHP app that seems to be terminating my session on one specific action. I have a page which, when a link is clicked, launches a Fancybox overlay of the iframe type. In that overlay, the user fills out and submits a form. The form is submitted properly, does its work (including sending an email), loads the success view and lets me close the overlay, but as soon as I try to get to any other page, I'm sent to the login screen to reauthenticate.

The value of my Security.level config setting is medium and my Session.timeout is 120, so that shouldn't be the problem. Anyone have any idea what could be creating this?


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is it possible that your ajax calls and redirects are not going to the same place, eg and I have had that before and also kept getting logged out.

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That shouldn't be the case, but I'll definitely verify. I don't think there's any ajax actually happening (since the overlay is an iframe, I think it's direct request/response), but if this is a possible cause, I'll check it out. Thanks. – Rob Wilkerson Jun 9 '11 at 12:52
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So this wasn't fun to track down, but it was me being an idiot. Buried in the code was some early-stage code to refresh user data in the authenticated session that wasn't doing what it should have been doing. It was attempting to update the entire Auth.User object directly (e.g. $this->Session->write( 'Auth', $user )) instead of calling the login method.

Once I changed the Session::write() code to $this->Auth->login( $user ), everything lined up nicely. A nice bit of reference material on this subject at

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